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Davin Consulting - Owner & Operator

Davin Hoyt offers architecture and permaculture services as a one-man-firm. He seeks a life-time relationship with his clients.






Documents by Davin Hoyt:

Bicycle Waterpump plans, TX
Guild Plant App of Central Texas, TX
Wofati - Davin31 plans, MT
Wofati 0.8 - Cooper Cabin plans, MT
Bermshed plans, MT
Wheaton Shop Rolly Shelves plans, MT
Solar Food Dehydrator plans, MT
Solar Food Dehydrator plans (Wheaton Labs ATC2017), MT
Solar Food Tray Dehydrator plans, MT
Rocket Oven plans, MT
Slow Box Cooker plans, MT
Tree Guilds of Central Texas plans, TX
Chicken Coop plans, TX
Masonry Bread Oven on Trailer plans, TX
Wicking Bed 4x8 Garden plans, TX
Mobile Raised Bed plans, TX
Guild Planner Poster, TX
Vermiculture System plans, TX
Tiny House 33 on Trailer plans, TX
Wash Station with French Drain plans, TX
Garden Pergola plans, TX
Mason Bee House Sign plans, TX
Wheaton Labs map, MT
Wheaton Base Camp map, MT
Wheaton Lab Field Books, MT
Dead Musicians with a Cult Following Art Series, TX
Getsemani Community Garden map, TX
17th Street Community Garden map, TX


Projects by Davin Hoyt:

600 Degrees Pizzeria & Drafthouse Expansion, TX
Oh Snap App, TX
Red Silo Music Studios, TX
600 Degrees Market on 7th Street, TX
Sweet Lemon Inn & Cafe Exterior Breakfast Bar, TX
Slap Box Pizzicheria, TX
Shade Tree Wine Bistro, TX
Lark & Owl Booksellers, TX
Wonder Years Day Care, TX
Brewtastic Soaps Logo, TX
Roots Bistro Logo, TX
Food Boom Magazine, USA
Roach Mail, USA
Prom King Cafe, TX
Juarez Residence, TX
Kasper Residence, TX
Wilhite Residence, TX
Green Box, USA
L2L Georgetown, TX
Tidwell Garage Apartment, TX
McRae Rooftop Patio, TX
White House Organics, TX